Dedicated bare-metal servers

Take your digital transformation journey to the next level with our dedicated bare-metal servers

Bare metal servers, also known as dedicated servers or single-tenant physical servers, are powerful computers built with enterprise components and dedicated to an organization or an individual. Server tenants can configure the server to meet their needs regarding reliability, security, and performance, security.

Why use bare metal servers?


No matter how much workload you have and what are your business requirements, we ensure to boost your performance by optimizing the resources of the bare metal server.


Unlike hypervisor servers that share server resources and give rise to noisy neighbor effects, dedicated servers are a reliable option that avoids this effect.


Want to customize your server to cater to your business needs? Dedicated server hosting is for you. Since it does not come with any restrictions you can customize your server, and implement the software and hardware according to your demands.

And cut down the extra cost by paying for services you want to use. Get the help of our technical support experts and enjoy the flexibility feature of dedicated bare metal servers.


If security is your concern, a bare metal server would not disappoint you. You can protect and secure your sensitive data and resources with it. The unbeatable privacy and security set it apart from other virtual servers.

Why Omnicloud?

Whether you are running a small firm or a big organization, you need to upgrade and optimize your IT infrastructure. We realize that every business needs customized solutions. We, therefore, offer bare metal servers for your hybrid, private, and public clouds. Our dedicated servers are loaded with tons of features that will let you expand your business. You can choose us because:

  • Your network will never encounter bottlenecks because of scalable infrastructure.
  • Low latency networks, stable and reliable IP transit.
  • With the high uptime, we ensure that you can level up your business performance. We guarantee a stable environment with little to no downtime.
  • Our dedicated bare metal servers are supported by many popular operating systems.
  • Ability to migrate to dedicated servers by selecting Tier 1 and Tier 2 Datacenters.
  • You don’t need to handle issues like purchase, depreciation, and repairs, all these services can run directly on hardware.
  • Pay as you go and keep costs under control.

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Expand your business and scale the services both horizontally and vertically with our dedicated bare metal servers.


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