Infrastructure as a Service

Replace your on-site infrastructure and data center setups with virtual infrastructure made from combined Kubernetes clusters or OpenStack clouds that perform more proficiently and successfully.

We at Omnicloud are providing a data infrastructure as a service which is a combined cloud system, assigning different tasks and resources to separate components. While as an enterprise you can use the software, manage projects, run applications, and work as you like and all the division of workload over the clouds and infrastructure management is done by us.

Using our virtual infrastructure as a service will save you from physical infrastructure setup and this can be scaled up or down whenever you like without halting the working of the network.

Develop OpenStack clusters in an hour and not wait for days to get your infrastructure deployed with Omnicloud!

Also with Omnicloud, the system offers upgrades and applications that can be instantly utilized by the customers, this way they can have a test run of the infrastructure before deploying it in their departments. These test environments are temporary and destroyed after the test run.

So save the critical production clouds from testing solutions and let them work separately as you try to upgrade the system. The infrastructure is available in private plus public clusters and depending on your security needs and operations you can deploy any of the cloud models.

Why choose Omnicloud for Infrastructure as a service?

Some of the other benefits that using this virtual infrastructure by Omnicloud has:

  • It is easily scalable without any delays and redoing the initial server setup. As the demand increases, the cloud computation is there to manage it without any lags.
  • The system is designed over a network of clouds and even if there is lagging or crashing at one point it won’t affect the network as it will be automatically managed.
  • The infrastructure is cost-effective and the customers pay for only the used capacity and do not invest in extra capacity for future needs.

Enjoy the benefits of high computing, storage, and data security without having to set up physical infrastructure with Omnicloud infrastructure as a service. While you focus on building up your enterprise we manage it all for you. No lapses, no data losses, and with everything on the cloud you keep connected all the time!

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