Networking as a Service

Upgrade your business's operational model by replacing virtual private networks and expensive hardware infrastructure and maintenance with a rented virtual cloud system known as Networking as a Service (NaaS).

A combined cloud system that you can rent as per your needs, that offers speed, security, and workload management with no burden of hardware, software, or licensing issues on the company at all. At Omnicloud we provide a networking cloud system that shares multiple clouds to let the user enjoy services they like from various cloud systems combined.

In your traditional setup, you need a diligent and expert IT team to upgrade the network system and run a new service in the network. The infrastructure and process both are super-complexed. But with our Networking as a service (NaaS) model you get faster up-gradation, scaling up or down according to the requirements, and all the firewall and security setups swiftly without any effort.

Besides, we benefit you in many ways as mentioned below.

How does it benefit you?

Switching up to this new working model will save your organization from the initial investment in operations and network setup costs. Plus you get to pay as you use the option, so no overspending and maintenance when the network is not required.

Some of the amazing benefits you are missing out on by not signing up with us are:

  • New services, upgrades, and fixes over the cloud simply without any IT team emergency
  • Worldwide access without a lag
  • Superior security with combined on-site and cloud-based security measures
  • Divided application traffic over multiple clouds to enhance the user experience over applications
  • Flexible in design and can be customized with changing needs
  • Scale down or up whenever you like

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You can contact our technical experts from all over the world to discuss your business needs and we will devise a networking architecture model for your organization cutting out all the necessary operating costs and hardware setup and boosting up your work.

The NaaS model from Omnicloud will provide you with secured and easy solutions at reasonable and flexible pay rates.


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