Hybrid cloud solutions

Utilize both high security and data control and flexible workload shifting in case of traffic spike with Omnicloud’s hybrid cloud solutions

Pay as you use services without any big data center set up to handle load spikes!

Virtual working infrastructure over the cloud clusters can be deployed on two types of cloud networks that are private and public clouds. The private cloud gives the customers complete data control and security and restricts any information sharing on the public platform. While the public cloud is a shared space by many customers, there might be chances of data leakage or control issues.

Organizations with less important data handling opt for public clouds but most customers prefer to avail of private cloud services with independent resource running and infrastructure and less exposure of data to the public.

But paying for a private cloud is a permanent investment and users who don’t need big data centers or computing clouds all the time may get stuck with it for no reason.

Hybrid cloud solutions. A complete solution!

For this purpose, we have devised an excellent solution of combining both the cloud networks so that the infrastructure can be scaled up whenever required by connecting the private cloud with the public to run applications and software as required. And once the load is decreased it may go back to its private cloud.

Why Omnicloud?

At Omnicloud we build private clouds on bare metals that the customer pays for permanently and these can be linked up with any private cloud by other developers that the customer pays as they use and then leave. Some of the benefits of using the hybrid cloud model by Omnicloud are:

  • Testing new applications and functions on the cloud is a risk due to an unknown workload. This can be done over public clouds so that the company pays for the time apps are tested and if they fail to succeed then there is less capital loss.
  • With unpredictable future load, there is no guarantee on how much big cloud infrastructure an enterprise may set up. With a hybrid cloud system, the workload is shared among private and public clouds known as ‘cloud bursting’ and you don’t have to pay beforehand for the unpredictable future requirements.
  • Data that is restricted to be shared can be kept in the private cloud cluster while the information that is safe to go on a public platform can be shared over the public cloud thus expanding the computational power of the model without data threats.
  • Faster scalability when the network needs changes without extra cost.

Contact our cloud computing experts now to design hybrid models for your company, so that you have reliable future capacity without having to pay for it now.


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