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In the tech industry, whether you are a tech engineer, mobile application developer, or DevOps, Kubernetes is a technology that is in great demand by developers and companies in tech. It is an open-source platform for managing workloads with automation to make the process easier for developers and less labor is required to manage them. It provides services so that your application can run efficiently. providing faster scalability, a smooth user experience, and almost zero chances of failures of applications. Overall it provides all the services that a developer would want.

The best way to learn Kubernetes is through real-life problems, so for that, you should work on real-life projects to polish your skills. Especially if you are a beginner and have just started learning Kubernetes, then you should check some good projects in order to sharpen your knowledge and skills. The best-recommended projects to practice are the ones that cover the environment and features of an open-source system. Every developer needs to practice on the projects before getting into real-life production in order to become a pro in it. You will learn about some core concepts of Kubernetes, and how and where to get started with some of the projects that have been listed below.


Kuberdoom is a fun project which includes a 3D game. This allows the user to kill the pods using the game. A pod is the smallest deployable part of Kubernetes and holds one or more than one applications at a time. You will find it interesting if you are into games. This project will help you understand that in Kubernetes even the smallest part of the project is working perfectly and is working smoothly.
You can clone this project from git clone storax/kubedoom


Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alert system that was made on SoundCloud for monitoring their services. It is a popular project for the Kubernetes cluster. It is very easy to monitor and avoid failures through Prometheus. An additional query is known as PromQL and is used in it to deal with the multidimensional data model.
You can clone this project from git clone prometheus/prometheus

Rest API Using k3D

API in Kubernetes is used as a communication medium between its clusters, end-users, and different components. Adding an API enhances the functionality of the platform. In order to deploy REST API on the platform, you will need to set up a local cluster using 3kd in Docker with two running containers in it.


This project helps you to deploy and run serverless and cloud-native applications to Kubernetes so that it can manage them. Kubernetes takes the responsibility of managing the applications and the developer now has to worry only about the development part. From this project, you will learn how to deploy applications on Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes dashboard is a graphical web-based user interface for managing applications. For this project, you should have deep knowledge about DevOps, application development, centralization, etc. It is deployed by running a command on Kubectl The dashboard can also be used to cluster navigation, administration, storage, and configuration.


Wayne is a cluster management platform that is based on the web. It helps the users to check the cluster status without going into the terminal. It helps non-developers to understand the cluster status easily and manage it because of its easy-to-use and clean UI. You can clone this project and learn more about it from git clone Qihoo360/wayne

Kubernetes Pod

Pods are very important for Kubernetes as they hold the application clusters. In order to create a pod in Kubernetes, you will have to create a YAML file. You will have to define different parameters when you are creating a pod such as a pod container type, API server, and a few additional parameters for the pods. They are created by running the commands on Kubectl.

Auto Scaling

Auto scaling is an essential part of Kubernetes as it allows us to tackle the increased traffic on the application and not compromise on the performance of webs or applications. Google Container Sevice and Google Cloud Service support this feature of Kubernetes. You should learn about this feature more and practice it because it is a very essential part.

Custom Kubernetes Namespace

Multiple Kubernetes namespaces are created when there are more than 10 pods that are handling the application. It allows the pods to communicate with each other in a single cluster. From this project, you can learn how to create a customized namespace with node clusters and other different components of Kubernetes.

Deployment of Sample Application

From this project, you will learn how to create, run, and deploy applications on Kubernetes. In it, you will create a pod, and then make it available on the network. After that, you can install different additionals that can add different functionality to your application. In the end, you can delete all the previous service and deployment nodes in it.

Kubernetes Secrets

Since the data protection of the applications is very important, so Kubernetes also provides the services to secure the user’s encrypted data of the application including usernames and passwords. This is the basic project of Kubernetes where you will learn how to create a Kubernetes secret using the Kubectl command lines on the terminal. The command will include the secret name, type, data, and secret environmental variables used for it.


Kubevaders is a game that is very similar to space invaders. This project stress tests the application by killing the pods of the Kubernetes application. This project is very similar to Kubedoom. Learn more about this project by cloning it from git clone lucky-sideburn/KubeInvaders

Learn everything about Kubernetes

In this article, you have learned about different Kubernetes projects that can help you understand Kubernetes better as only hands-on work can make you understand it the best way. Once you get the basic knowledge about the core concepts of Kubernetes, you will be able to work on your first application easily. Although, learning a Kubernetes is a long process. Give yourself a basic knowledge and then dive into the projects of Kubernetes. To help better understand and practice it, OmniCloud is providing different courses on Kubernetes with hands-on practice on real-life projects.

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